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First peek!

Greetings and salutations to all who might be browsing! After a year of brainstorming, infrastructure-building, and other random behind-the-scenes stuff, we at Raven's Own are finally getting ready to spread our wings. We've got all kinds of products in the works (including the one that kicked all this off, the Pixictoowoo). But first things first: Who IS Raven's Own?

Here on LiveJournal, Raven's Own is emcic and me, fala_redwing, otherwise known as Cherif and Rebecca. We met ten years ago, became fast friends, and tied the knot in 2008. We've both always been creative - writing, sewing, embroidering, beading, drawing, the whole bit - and finally got to where we needed an outlet for all the little ideas we keep having. After all, our home is only so big, and can't house more than a few Pixictoowoos, no matter how small or adorable they are!

Now that all that's out of the way, how would you like a peek at the latest item to hit our craft tables?

We call these Five-Fold Appleseed Pendants, and if you look closely at the details, you'll see why. The template for this was simply five apple seeds pressed into a circle of polymer clay. I loved the outcome so much that I made a mold of it (since apple seeds don't survive the baking process for the clay very well). That mold is now being used to create the items you see below!

These particular six have already been sealed, so we can't glue bails on them. They'll  stay with us as permanent templates, but we have more in the works that will be up for sale as soon as we can manage.

Keep an eye here for more products, behind-the-scenes clackings, and the occasional silliness. If you're really lucky, I'll get hold of some old sketches and put those up, just for fun.

Be well, all, and Redwing be with you!

- Rebecca


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